WOD: 8-7-12

Good work guys!!!!!!

Skill: Muscle-Up practice

WOD: 5 rounds for time of:

15 Calorie Row
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)


We continue the full frontal assault on Muscle Ups with another day worth of practicing it.  The last thing I want to hear at the end of the month is “what is a Muscle-UP?”  Drilling this deep into your head and muscle memory will make doing them (or the idea of doing them) more bearable.  Be sure to take this portion of the day seriously if you want to have Muscle-Ups as part of your arsenal…and not just one or two, but 30 of them…which is an actual workout…which you will see in the future.

If this workout looks mildly familiar it is because it is based a “girl” workout.  “Nancy” is the same with the exception of 5 rounds of 400M Run instead of the row.  It would be easier to think that the running version of this workout is easier and even though you are probably right, it is still a pretty leg-taxing WOD.  If your legs are still sore from the August Baseline, this would be a great day to come in and put those muscles to use (I know they didn’t do much over the weekend…).

I found some sweet videos for this Sunday (last Sunday was kinda weak…stay tuned),



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